Kenya fulfils promise to 'surprise people'


Canberra, July 12, 2015: Kenya will play Group 2 Grand Prix next year after beating Peru 3-1 in an enthralling final in Canberra, Australia.

Kenya captain Brackcides Khadambi: "It's a great result in our history. It's the beginning of good things to come in the future."

"I know that now at least we are somewhere in the world. I know that now when people see us they just don't just see us as good at athletics, we are now also good at volleyball."

"We are very confident heading to the Olympics, because I know now that we can qualify."

Kenyan coach David Lungaho: "One thing we knew, that if we were going to make it to the final round, we would go for it. When we left home we said we would go for final four, and if we did that we would go for it."

"We are ready now for the world."

"For us we came into this match with a lot of confidence, believing in themselves."

"It's a big thing for Kenya, a big thing for Africa. For so many years we have been playing global competitions, and just winning sets. Now we are winning matches."

Peru captain Mirtha Uribe: "We were quite nervous. At the beginning of the game, the studies that we did, the analysis the team did, didn't work in the play."

"Yesterday was for us a perfect final. Today we tried to do the same work, and it didn't work."

"The team is sad because Group 2 is a higher level, so we are disappointed for this match."


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