Can Canada topple unbeaten Netherlands?


Pool L: Netherlands v Canada (12 July)

· Netherlands came out on top in their only previous match against Canada in the World Grand Prix: a 3-2 (15-9) win in August 2014.
· Netherlands also won their three other encounters at major tournaments, all in straight sets, most recently at the 2002 World Championship.

· Five wins in five matches for Netherlands. Their longest ever winning streak at the start of a World Grand Prix campaign is eight, in 2009.
· Netherlands are still on course to repeat last year’s performance, when they won all six matches in the first two weeks. Just like this year, Canada were the opponents in the sixth match in 2014 (3-2 NED win).
· In their five-set win over Argentina on Saturday, both Judith Pietersen and Lonneke Slöetjes recorded 28 points. For the first time in the 2015 World Grand Prix, one team had two players with 23+ points in a single match.

· Canada keep exchanging victories with defeats in the 2015 World Grand Prix. Canada would like to continue this sequel today: defeat-victory-defeat-victory-defeat in five successive matches in 2015.
· Canada look to avoid their first back-to-back defeats since the 2014 Preliminary Round, when they lost three matches in a row, including one against Netherlands.
· Canada already recorded two victories this year. They need one more victory to achieve their most successful World Grand Prix campaign. In their previous two appearances, they won none (2003) and two (2014) matches.


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