China in with a chance of silver if they beat USA


United States - China (26 July)
· United States and China have met 32 times in the World Grand Prix. China lead United States 20 to 12 in their meetings in the competition.
· The first World Grand Prix match for both teams was against each other in Seoul on May 29, 1993. China won 3-1.
· China won 3-2 against United States in Hong Kong on July 18.
· They have met eight times in the Final Round, of which China won twice and USA six times. The most recent meeting in the Final Round was in 2013 with China winning 3-0.
· This fixture was the final of the 2014 World Championship, with United States winning 3-1.

United States
· United States have secured the World Grand Prix trophy with one round of matches remaining.
· Their four victories in the Final Six have given them an unassailable lead as no other team has won more than two matches at this stage.
· USA have won the World Grand Prix for the sixth time in total and for the fourth time in the last six seasons.
· The U.S. have suffered only one defeat in the tournament this season, the 3-2 loss against China in the Preliminary Round.

· China are sitting in second place in the Final Six, with two wins, two defeats and seven points from their first four matches in the Final Round.
· China are gunning for their 10th medal in the competition (G1 S5 B3), which would see them join Brazil and Russia as the only teams on double figures.
· Liu Yanhan has led the team in scoring in each of China's four matches in this Final Round (15-19-18-24).
· China have suffered only two defeats in the tournament this season, both in the Final Round. They lost 3-1 against Brazil and 3-2 against Italy.


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