Difficult 3-2 wins are normal for us, says Czech coach


The Czechs are bouncing, but they needed some luck to prevail

Samokov, July 11, 2015 – Carlo Parisi, coach of Czech Republic, said that his side’s dramatic 3-2 win over Bulgaria (25-23, 18-25, 25-17, 18-25, 15-11) was “normal”, because his side are too “up and down” to shut out matches at the moment.

“Victory with a result like this is something normal,” he said. “We play every match with so many ups and downs. This is our big problem. When we made too many mistakes and our play is down, we don’t understand that in those moments, the team needs to concentrate. So many mistakes for us is a big problem.”

Helena Havelkova, captain of Czech Republic, added: “It was really tough game. Bulgaria has a young team like us. It is really good to play these games to develop the young players. I’m really happy that we won. Maybe today we had the luck, because it was a tight score.”

Dragan Nesic, coach of Bulgaria, said: “We made some mistakes and the Czech Republic stopped us with a good block. This elements made a 10 percent difference in the tie-break, and cost us the win. I want to congratulate my team for fighting on the court. I’m happy with the performance of the setter Petya Barakova. She is sick and this morning was in the hospital but today played really well. This only shows the great desire on everyone in our team.:

Yuliya Stoyanova of Bulgaria said: “In the tie-break you always need luck, and to be calm – because it is so nervous. I think that Czech Republic had more luck in the final set of the match. I’m happy to be part of this Bulgarian team. The girls are so young but that played with a lot of desire. They fight for every one ball and we are great team, like one.”


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