German block overpowered Dominican Republic


Stuttgart, Germany, July 16, 2015 - A first match in 2015 World Grand Prix pool I brings Germany a victory in straight sets 3-0 (25-12, 25-11, 25-18) over Dominican Republic in their first match of the pool I. Maren Brinker led the team to the win as the best scorer with 12 points.

A block by Brinker puts Germany slightly ahead in the 1st set at 6-5 and the lead increases to 8-6 with Schölzel's difficult serve. Dominican Republic fires back to 9-9, but Stigrot leads her team to 14-10. A serve remains a strong weapon for Germany to increase the lead to 18-11. Dominican Republic feel the pressure and keep making the mistakes. Maren Briker closes the set at 25-12.

Second part opens with a 3-1 for Germany that quickly turns into a 6-2 lead after a successful challenge call for the hosting team. Nunez gives a hand to the opponent and Germany lead 8-4 at the first technical time out. It only gets better for them to 15-7 and coach Pedulla allows young Juliane Langgemach for her debut in the senior team. An ace by Hippe makes it 23-10 and it is Stigrot who follows with another serve to close the set at 25-11. 

The last set open with a great rally with Brinker scoring for 2-0. Dominican Republic takes advantage of Germany's mistake and have their first lead in the match at 6-5. The hosting team fights back for 8-7 and run ahead to 12-10 forcing Dominican Republic to call the time out. That doesn't help the team, Germany keep the high lead and another block by Silge make sit 20-15. The hosting team uses their first match point to wrap up the game at 25-18.

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