Germany scoop the victory with a thrilling come-back but miss the Final Six


Stuttgart, Germany, July 18, 2015 - On the last day of the 2015 World Grand Prix in pool I Germany close the weekend with a victory 3-1 (23-25, 25-18, 25-22, 25-22) over Serbia. The hosting team made a wonderful come-back in the 4th set to grab the 3 points, but miss the Final Six spot to Japan.

A pool I closing match begins with a 7-4 advantage by Serbia, Germany keep the pace with a block by Geerties. Serbs haunt her with their service, but Germany remain successful in the offensive play to 10-11. A block by Drpa makes it 13-10 for the Serbs and coach Pedulla calls the time-out a point later. Germans turn on their block and go 16-15 ahead at the second technical time out, but Maren Brinker can't keep up with the Serbia's serve and Serbia come back ahead to 20-18. The score turns again on Germany's side at 23-22, but Serbia get the first set point. A two mistakes by Germany allow Serbia to win 25-23.

Marta Drpa brings her team a 3-1 lead with a nice block at the beginning of the second set, but Apitz fires from the service line to go 6-5 ahead. Coach Zoran Terzic calls a time out when Germany run off to 10-6. Their domination continues to 18-11 and Serbia bring the substitutions to give their starting line up some rest. Anja Brandt scores to 24-17 and a set win is decided at 25-18 by challenge called for Germany, proving the block touch by Serbia. 
Germany's Anja Brandt keeps her strong serve and opens the 3rd set with a 3-1 for her team. It doesn't take long for the hosting team to extend the lead to 13-8 and two quick balls to the Silge Germany them a 16-9 at the second technical time out. Serbia have no response for their opponent's great performance and Lena Strigrot scores to give Germany a set-ball at 24-19. The hosting team however suddenly struggles with closing the set and Serbia defend 3 set balls until Saskia Hippe makes a difference to wrap it up at 25-22. 

Serbia step up to take the slight lead at 4-3 and stay ahead until first technical time out by 8-6. Coach Luciano Pedulla calls a time out for Germany when the score changes into 10-6. Serbs keep control on the game at 13-9 and 16-12, but Germany fights back and Hippe ties at 18-18 with a powerful service. Motivated by their come-back, Germans keep the momentum and take the lead to 23-21. Maren Brinker closes the game with a smashing hit at 25-21. 

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