Guidetti: "We had moments in this match that were important for our growth"


Formosa, Argentina, July 11, 2015 – Netherlands finished the match 3-2 after Argentina could not complete the comeback in Pool L of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix on Saturday.

Netherlands coach Giovanni Guidetti: “Argentina is a good team. When they play at home, they play even better. We learned a lot today, after a lot of easy matches, we experienced moments of tension and difficulties technically that are really important for our growth as a team. I am happy with the way my players played in the fifth set.”

Netherlands captain Maret Balkestein Grothues: “We expected a different and more difficult game than last week’s. We started dominating and after the second set, we lost control of the match. We kept on believing and fighting, and in the end we won. I’m happy with the way we recovered in the fifth set.”

Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna: “When we know what to do and we think straight – with tactical discipline and good decision making – we can play as equals with great teams like the Netherlands. In the third set, we played better reception and we found solutions in offence from Yamila (Nizetich) and Leticia (Boscacci). Sol (Piccolo) also engaged really well in the match being so young. Effort, sacrifice, concentration and quality – this is what we need to have at every moment.”

Argentina captain Yamila Nizetich: “I am happy with the performance tonight. We have a lot to improve on but we showed that we are up to big things. After the second set, we changed our attitude by playing better in offence and by putting more pressure on the Netherlands. Before the match, we thought that we were inferior to them but we started to play better and realised that we needed to believe in ourselves a little more. If we started playing the same way we did in the end, this match would have been different.


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