Jacek Nawrocki: "We still have a lot of work to do"


Formosa, Argentina, July 12, 2015 – Poland defeated Argentina in straight sets following a good performance in service and block in Pool L of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix on Sunday.

Poland coach Jacek Nawrocki: “We won because we played a great in every aspect of the match. This weekend showed us that we still have a lot of job to do. This team needs to play more international matches in order to improve our players.”

Poland captain Daria Paszek: “I think we played really well in block and service. We are a young team and because of that we both had good and bad moments in the match. Argentina play excellent defence and we made a lot of mistakes but in the end we manage to earn the three points.

Argentina coach Guillermo Orduna: “We should have put more pressure on the serve. We did not have good reception and some players were not in their real level. This weekend’s balance is however positive because we had a good match against a great team like the Netherlands. When you play as many matches as we did and stop training, these kinds of things can occur. We need to train a lot.”

Argentina captain Yamila Nizetich: “We were terrible in reception. The Polish serve hurt us really bad, we could not really return it to their side. Our attack level was low. We are very angry at ourselves.”


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