José Roberto: I am sure we will do well in the Final Six


The joy of Brazil for the ninth consecutive win

Catania, Italy, July 18, 2015 - Brazil celebrate finishing the Preliminary Round without a loss of a match or a point. Coach José Roberto feels confident about his team performance during the Final Six.  

Marco Bonitta, coach of Italy: “We are sad to close the preliminary round with a defeat, but after three long weekend, it was normal be a little tired. Now we must look to the final six, beacause in the USA we want to play in best way.”

Valentina Diouf, an opposite of Italy: “We aren’t happy for the performance of tonight, especially because we don’t play as we can. In the Final Six we we will have to give our best, because we will play against the best teams in the world.”

José Roberto, coach of Brazil: “We close this week end in the best way. I am very satisfied with the last three games, because I see that the play of my team is improving our level. I’m sure that in the Final Six we shall do very well”.

Gabi, an outside hitter of Brazil: “I'm really satisfied with the way we played and also about my performance. During this World Grand Prix it was very important for me to play with consistency, and now I have more confidence in myself. I am convinced that in the Final Six Brazil can play a starring role.”


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