Parisi woke his team up on time


Porec, Croatia, July 5, 2015 – Statements from after Czech Republic’s 3-1 victory against Argentina in Group 2 of the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix:

Carlo Parisi, head coach of Czech Republic:  ”Our approach to the game was too soft in the first two sets.  There was no aggression in our game, but I managed to wake my team up on time.  We took advantage of Argentina's mistakes, but the match was very tight.”

Michaela Mlejnkova, player of Czech Republic:  ”We could not find our rhythm in the start of the first two sets, but we managed to close the gap somehow.  Overall, I am very satisfied with our game at this tournament.  We are now better than before.”

Guillermo Orduna, head coach of Argentina:  ”We played a good match, but we did not win because of the mistakes in decisive moments.  My players made some bad decisions in crucial rallies.  Nevertheless, we played on a high level at this tournament.”

Leticia Boscacci, player of Argentina:  ”It was OK.  I am not disappointed although we were making mistakes in the closing points of each set.  Reception was our main problem in this match.  I am happy because we played well in Croatia and now we are going home to Formosa.”


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