Poland coach Nawrocki: "Canada gave us a lot of points on errors"


Formosa, Argentina, July 11, 2015 – Poland showed a better performance with their 3-1 win over Canada, but coach Jacek Nawrocki thinks that the victory can be attributed to the big amount errors in the match.

Poland coach Jacek Nawrocki: "I don't think we improved a lot from our match yesterday. Canada gave us a lot of points on errors. We still have a lot of things to improve on to play at a higher level.”

Poland captain Daria Paszek: "We had stronger service than yesterday, that was the key to win tonight. We tried to be better in defence but it is really difficult for us. Argentina are playing really good defence, so we have to do our best tomorrow. It will be a hard match for us.”

Canada coach Arnd Ludwig: "We weren’t entirely focused today. We were slow in the game. It took us too long to get into it. We didn’t play high-quality volleyball like yesterday. We have nothing to lose tomorrow, the Netherlands is ahead of us and we can play free.”

Canada captain Brittany Page: "I think we didn't play as consistent as yesterday. Maybe there was maybe too much energy around and we need to learn how to control it. We have a nice challenge against the Netherlands tomorrow."


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