Suzana Cebic: There is still a chance to go to Omaha


Stuttgart, Germany, July 17, 2015 - Serbia won over Dominican Republic in straight sets and keep the hope to compete in the World Grand Prix Final Six in Omaha, USA. Suzana Cebic, named the player of the match, admits that it was not easy to win today, but the team is now looking forward to the match against Germany on Saturday.

Zoran Terzic, coach of Serbia: “Before the game we knew that it will be an easy one because the Dominican Republic doesn’t play with their best squad. Sometimes it is hard to play that kind of games but it was enough today. I am satisfied with the result.”

Suzana Cebic, player of the match: “It is not easy to play a game like this but we do our best to make it this way. We will see what happens against Germany tomorrow. There is still a chance to go to Omaha but it will be a hard game.”

Christian Cruz, coach of Dominican Republic: „Congratulations to Serbia, they were the better team. But we played what we were able to and we were on a nearly equal level in set two. Most important for us was our development during the whole tournament and I think, the team is on a good way.“


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