Time and patience needed for Angelo Vercesi young team


Porec, Croatia, July 4, 2015 - Croatia coach Angelo Vercesi admits that the team needs time and patience to higher their level. Croatia's loss to Czech Republic 3-0 (25-17, 25-19, 25-19) is their second after being defeated by Argentina on Friday. The hosting team seeks for improvements in their game for the upcoming match against Netherlands on Sunday. 

Carlo Parisi, coach of the Czech Republic: It was a good match and we achieved an important victory. We reduced a number of mistakes to minimum and forced our serves onto weak spots in Croatia's defense.

Tereza Vanzurova, Czech Republic: Today we managed to keep the rhythm in our game. We made significantly less mistakes than in previous match. We knew that Croatia's team is not in the best shape, so we took advantage of that. On Sunday we will seek for another success.

Angelo Vercesi, coach of Croatia: It's not easy to say anything after this match. Czech Republic played well, particularly in defense and counter-attack. They simply denied us chance to play at the same level. As I said before, we should not expect easy improvements in our young team. We need time and patience.

Vedrana Jaksetic, Croatia: It's not pleasant to lose in front of home crowd. However, this is our reality. Our team is very young and inexperienced, Czech team is probably in full strength and we can't count on at least six national team players. We have to keep fighting!


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