Yaneva: "We showed character"


Eva Yaneva in action

Samokov, Bulgaria, July 11, 2015 - Speaking after the match, Bulgaria captain Eva Yaneva said that the most important had been that her team had shown character in the difficult moments in the encounter with Croatia.

Senna Usic, captain of Croatia: "First, I would to congratulate my team. Today's match was a really good fight. As you know, we are here with a young team and that’s good for them, because today they showed to the rest of the world that Croatia have good juniors and good young players for the future. So for us this experience in the World Grand Prix is just to grow our young players. I’m satisfied that they are sad now, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the day after to see a lot of matches like this!"

Angelo Vercesi, coach of Croatia: "I don’t know what to say, really. We tried to come back at the end. Congratulations to our opponent. We have a new very hard opponent tomorrow. In the end, some details of our counter–attack and some experience - how to play in difficult moments like this - cost us the win. But we can learn this only with time."

Eva Yaneva, captain of Bulgaria: "This game was very emotional. In some moments, it was really tough. The Croatian team were serving very well today. I’m very happy with this victory and with a positive end to the match. The most important thing is that today we showed character in the difficult moments!"

Dragan Nesic, coach of Bulgaria: "The Croatian team served really well. They hindered us in two sets. Desi Nikolova played a very good game. I’m very happy with this, because she has suffered from an injury. Eva Yaneva played very well today too. I’m very happy and with the fact that the girls are taking their chance to play in this tournament. Eight of them will also play in the FIVB World Championship in Ankara next month. I’m happy for their development. This is the most important now." 


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