Brazil down Serbia in straight sets


Bangkok, Thailand, July 4, 2015 - Brazil secured 3-0 (25-20, 25-15, 25-19) victory to maintain the top spot in Pool A with two matches won.

Serbia started slighlty better into the match reaching a two point advantage which they were able to maintail until the first technical timeout. Inspired by their coach Brazil regrouped then and tied the scores at 10-10 as it neck and neck throughout the middle stage of the set. As the set reached its climax Serbia became prone with unforced attacking mistakes, leaving Brazil to continue their winning streak to take it 25-20.

Brazil were quickly into their stride in the second set, with Cristina Juciely Barreto and Gabi pounding some unstoppable shots sending their team 15-9 ahead. Serbia found the answer to Brazil's attacking power and managed to get close to 16-13, but then the team from South America put the gas pedal down and clinched the set 25-15.

The third set gave Brazil some cause for concern for winning in straight sets as Serbia refused to give up and were close throughout the set thanks to Mina Popovic's fast attacks. In the late stage of set Brazil gained a two point advantage at 20-18 which proved to be crucial for the outcome as some good blocks coupled with Serbia's erratic attacks paved the way to the 25-19 win.

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