Lang Ping not satisfied with defense despite winning over Germany


Ningbo, China, July 4, 2015 - Despite beating Germany in straight sets at the second match of the 2015 FIVB World Grand Prix, China's coach Lang Ping said his team should play better in the defense.

China coach Lang Ping: "We have fully prepared for the match. Germany is a good team, they have experience and their transition is also good. For our team, I think we could do better at the defense."

China captain Hui Ruoqi: "We united together and played well. We did well in services and reception, especially at the third set our services were very good and that helped us controll the game. Tomorrow we will face Russia, which is also a very strong team with a high-flying style, we must prepare a lot for the game."

German coach Luciano Pedulla: "China played very well, it was very difficult for us to play against a team as China, their transition is good. You can see they have 65% percent spike success."

German captain Margareta Kozuch: "Congradulation to China, they played a very good game, they played well at all three sets, especially in the second set when we played good, but they always kept pushing. We did not play well in service, China did a good job in reception, their defense is high level. China is one of the best teams at Grand Prix. We lost twice but we still fight tomorrow to get our way to the final."


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