Russia's coach satisfied with team's blocking


Ningbo, China, July 4, 2015 - After beating Dominican Republic 3-0 on Saturday, Russian coach Yury Marichev said he was satisfied with the team's performance, especially with blocking.

Dominican Republic coach Cristian Cruz: "It was an important game for us, because we are a very young team. We played very well in the second set and I am happy about that. We will keep working hard because our aim is the World Cup."

Dominican Republic captain Rondon Martinez Cindy Carolina: "It was another hard game for us, Russia are a strong team. Bus as I said yesterday, we won't give up and will keep working hard to get a satisfactory result."

Russia coach Yury Marchev: "As our captain said, our team's performance satisfied me. We have four young players in our starting squad and they did well in some aspects like blocking. It is an important victory for us. We had a good game today."

Russia captain Ekaterina Kosianenko: "We played well today and we are satisfied with winning the game 3-0."


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