Thailand still seeking first victory against Brazil


Pool D: Brazil v Thailand (11 July)

· Brazil have won all 12 matches against Thailand in major competitions, including 10 in the WGP.
· They have lost just one set in these 12 matches.
· Thailand seek their first set win against Brazil since a 3-1 defeat in their first WGP encounter in 2002, when Thailand won the second set 27-25.

· Brazil have a perfect record in 2015 - four matches, four wins. On Friday, they added another straight sets win, against Belgium.
· Brazil conceded only one set in this year’s WGP, fewest of all teams alongside China.
· The WGP title holders have won 26 of their last 27 matches, of which 23 in straight sets.

· On Friday, Thailand beat Germany 3-0 to collect their first straight-sets victory in the WGP since 2013, when they did not concede a set against Algeria (18 straight matches without a 3-0 win).
· They can clinch back-to-back wins for the first time since 2013: Algeria and Cuba.
· Thailand have two wins and two defeats in 2015. They already have as many wins as in their entire 2014 campaign.


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