Turkey eager to avoid three straight losses at home


Pool C: Turkey v Italy (5 July)

· These sides have been involved in three previous World Grand Prix confrontations.
· Their last encounter was won by Turkey, the previous two were won by Italy.
· That last meeting came last season, with Turkey prevailing 3-1.
· Italy's last World Grand Prix triumph against Turkey dates back to 2013. 

· Turkey can start the 2015 WGP with three defeats. Last year they won their first three matches.
· Turkey have failed to win the opening set in their last six WGP matches.
· Neriman Ozsoy scored 25 points in the 3-1 defeat against USA. She had nine points in the match against Belgium this season.
· Polen Uslupehlivan scored 14 points against USA after also scoring 14 against Belgium. She is Turkey's only player to reach double figures in both matches.

· Italy bounced back after their opening defeat to United States by recording a straight set win against Belgium in the second.
· Last year, Italy won four of their first five matches, only losing to powerhouse Brazil.
· Indre Sorokaite (17 and 11 points) and Lucia Bosetti (13 and 18) both reached double figures in the first two matches this World Grand Prix campaign.


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