Winless Germany and Dominican Republic face off in Ningbo


Pool B: Dominican Republic v Germany (5 July)

· Dominican Republic and Germany will meet for the eighth time in the World Grand Prix. Germany won five of the previous seven.
· Germany won twice in five sets and three times in straight sets. Both Dominican wins came in five sets.
· Dominican Republic claimed a five set win over Germany at the 2014 world championships.

Dominican Republic
· Dominican Republic have failed to win both of their matches so far at the 2015 World Grand Prix. China and Russia both beat them in straight sets.
· Combined with last season, Dominican Republic have lost seven in a row in the World Grand Prix. The last time they lost eight in a row was from 2009 to 2010.
· Erasma Moreno Martinez has scored all of her points in the first two matches from spikes: 10 against China and eight against Russia.

· Germany failed to win any of their first two matches of the 2015 World Grand Prix. Last year they also lost their opening two matches but won their third by beating Thailand 3-0.
· Germany have failed to win a set in only three of their last 24 matches in the competition.
· Margareta Kozuch (15 and 10 points) and Maren Brinker (14 and 13) both reached double digits in the first two matches. 


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