Argentina's victory no surprise to Guillermo Orduna at all


Argentina's captain "expected somewhat more of a close match" against Croatia

Porec, Croatia, July 3, 2015 – Post-match statements from Argentina vs. Croatia 3-1 in the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix 2015:

Angelo Vercesi, Croatia's head coach:  ”Our line-up changed somewhat after the European Games and we need some time to adapt. Today we played for the first time with a new libero and she did a good job.  Nevertheless, as a team we are still not on the level that satisfies me. It will be better as the time goes by.”

Senna Usic Jogunica, Croatia's captain:  ”The first match on home ground is always difficult.  We have to adapt to the new libero and additionally our reception was not on a very high level today.  We made lot of mistakes, so we have to learn from matches like this with Argentina.”

Guillermo Orduna, Argentina's head coach:  ”We lost to Croatia by 1-3 at the World Championship last year.  That match was very tight so I am not surprised at all with our victory today.  Furthermore, I expect an even better game tomorrow, particularly in tactical way.”

Paula Yamila Nizetich, Argentina's captain:  ”My last name is Croatian, as my great grandfather come to Argentina from Croatia, but I cannot speak Croatian.  Frankly, I expected somewhat more of a close match with the home team.  We were serving well, so Croatia had big troubles with the reception.”


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