Bulgaria and Czech Republic could see another close match in Pool M


Pool M: Bulgaria v Czech Republic (11 July)

· Bulgaria have won both previous WGP matches against Czech Republic, 3-2 in 2013 and 3-0 last year.
· Czech Republic have won three of their seven matches in other major tournaments, including a 3-2 win at the 2013 European Championship.

· Bulgaria erased their negative WGP balance in 2015 by beating Croatia in a five-set thriller on Friday. They now have two wins and two defeats.
· Three of Bulgaria’s four WGP matches in 2015 went to a fifth set. Bulgaria won two and lost one of their three.
· Bulgaria can play four five-sets matches in a row for the second time after 3013-2014.
· Bulgaria have won 16 of their 21 total WGP matches, a winning percentage of 76 percent.

Czech Republic
· Czech Republic lost to Puerto Rico on Friday (3-2) despite outscoring them 108-100 in the match. They are on two wins and two defeats thus far in 2015.
· The Czechs have now lost three of their four five-setters at the WGP. The win came against Croatia in 2014, while Japan and today’s opponents Bulgaria (in 2013) and Puerto Rico (on Friday) proved too strong.
· Eva Hodanova was Bulgaria's top scorer against Puerto Rico with 21 points. She had zero points in Bulgaria's previous three matches.


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