Algeria captain Oukazi: "We are ready to play next week"


Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan, June 28, 2015 – Algeria captured their first FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix win, beating Australia 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-13) in Pool N. 

Algeria coach Francois Salvagny:
“We are very happy
although we are very tired. I want to thank my players because the match was
very hard. All throughout, we were thinking about our physical condition. For
some points of the match, we played good volleyball. It’s hard for us to play
at the same level all the time, but it doesn’t mean that we will not do our
best. I have to congratulate Australia for a good second set. It was very
interesting with their tactical options.” 

Algeria captain Fatima Zahra Oukazi: “We are happy that
we played a good match and we won. We try to become better every time. We also
have to say congratulations to Australia because they played well. For me what
is important is that we are ready to play for the competition next week.” 

Australia coach Mark Barnard: “They (Algeria) played a
very good game, they kept the ball on us, and we unfortunately made just too
may errors to keep within their pace. They served well while we didn’t pass
very well, and that really hurt us. I, as a coach, would need to prepare the
team well, and make them play the matches well.” 

Australia captain Shae Sloane: “It was a really good
game, and they were too strong for us in the end. We were disappointed with how
we played in the last set and I think it only shows we have a lot of work to do
between now and our matches in Algeria next weekend.”


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