Aussies look to end on a high note against Colombia


Group 3 Final 3-4: 
Colombia - Australia (12 July)

· The bronze medal match in Group 3 features two nations that never played each other at the World Grand Prix before.
· This is Australia’s first clash with a CSV nation. Debutants Colombia have beaten their only previous AVC opponent Kazakhstan in straight sets earlier this year.
· Last year, the top-3 finishing nations all were CEV representatives: Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Croatia. Today, a CSV or AVC nation will finish top-3 in Group 3 for the first time.

· Colombia’s bid for the crown in Group 3 came to an abrupt end when they lost 3-0 against Peru on Saturday. They scored 52 points, fewest for them in a single World Grand Prix match.
· Still, the World Grand Prix debutants have won five of their seven matches (71%).
· Amanda Coneo is Colombia’s top scorer in the World Grand Prix this year, with 90 points. In the semi against Peru, she also led the way with eight points.

· Australia have one more chance to end their World Grand Prix campaign on a high note. They will be looking for a first win in their eighth match of the 2015 edition.
· Australia have recorded progress in terms of sets won in comparison to their debut season 2014. Last year, they won a total of three sets, this your they already have four.
· Eliza (Karley) Hynes was Australia’s top scorer in the semifinal against Kenya with 18 points. Only Rhiannon Rosalynd Tooker scored more for them in a single match in 2015 (20 points against Algeria), but she did this in a five-setter, compared to Hynes’ effort in a four-setter.


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