Australia aim to claim first set in 2015 edition


• Last weekend, Algeria and Australia met for the first time in the competition in which Algeria recorded their first ever World Grand Prix victory (3-0).
• Redouani Amina was the only player from either side to reach double figures in this match. She scored 12 points for Algeria, three more than Australia's top scorer Sophie Godfrey (9 points).
• This was their only encounter in a major tournament so far between these two teams.
• Algeria is currently ranked 25 on the World Ranking, Australia 46th. 

• Last weekend, Algeria won their first ever World Grand Prix match ending a losing streak of 17 consecutive matches (3 participations). 
• They won against today's opponents Australia (3-0) and doubled their number of total sets won from three to six.
• On only one other occasion, Algeria won more than one set in a single World Grand Prix match, when losing in five sets to Bulgaria in 2014.
• For the first time ever, Algeria claimed the first set in a World Grand Prix match.

• Australia are eyeing their first ever World Grand Prix win.
• Australia are hoping to claim their first set in this year's campaign. In 2014 they claimed three sets of which two came against CAVB opposition.
• Sophie Godfrey has scored seven points from blocks in the opening weekend of this year's campaign.  Only five players were more successful in terms of blocks so far.


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