Colombia and Kenya meet for the first time



• These teams will meet for the first time in the World Grand Prix as Colombia are making their debut.
• This will also be the first meeting between a CAVB and CSV side at the World Grand Prix.


• Colombia are the only debutants at the 2015 World Grand Prix.
• Apart from the inaugural tournament of the World Grand Prix in 1993, only three teams have won their first ever match in the competition: Turkey in 2008, Czech Republic in 2013 and Kenya in 2014.
• Colombia will be one of four teams representing the CSV at the 2015 World Grand Prix alongside Argentina, Brazil and Peru.


• Kenya made their debut in last year's edition of the World Grand Prix. They recorded three victories and three defeats.
• Kenya are one of two teams representing the CAVB at the 2015 World Grand Prix alongside Algeria. Last year they set up the first ever all-CAVB meeting in the competition (3-0 Kenya win).
• Kenya have won 12 sets and have lost 12 sets so far in the World Grand Prix.


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